Creating Your Dream Home, The Art of Personalized Interior Design

At Affinity Homes LLC, designing and building your dream home is not just a process but an experience. Because of this, we want to ensure that every step of the process, including interior selections, is seamless.

Your Vision is Her Blueprint

The initial meeting with Kaylin is where the magic of customization begins. Every client’s home is a blank canvas. You’ll start by browsing images and catalogs so she can understand just what catches your eye. She’ll help you define your unique style, listening, sometimes to the things you don’t say, to envision a style that you may not see for yourself. She’s able to help you fine-tune your vision of home, garnering your trust by treating your home as if it were her own.

Helping You Make the Right Choice

The selection process is a journey of discovery where every detail is reviewed meticulously. Every selection you make is important to create the flow and function of your home. So, when it comes to navigating the sea of interior options, Kaylin is here to help.

The flow of your home is essential. Everything, from the placement of lights and switches to closets and hallways, is carefully thought out. Kaylin’s goal is to ensure that you never have to say “I wish…” after you move into your home.

An Expert Eye for Design 

Clients often find themselves surprised by the depth of the design process. Kaylin’s eye for textures and color ensures no detail is overlooked. She’ll review everything with you, from door styles to artisan finishes to grand statement pieces and the subtlest trim details.

About Kaylin Harris

Kaylin’s background in advertising and marketing has honed her ability to see all the possibilities of design. During her home build with Affinity Homes, she acted as her own interior coordinator. That experience uncovered a need for others who are building their homes —a gap in the process. It showed her how important the interior selection process is to home design. Though the interior design process came naturally to her, she could see how it might not be the same for others. Her natural ability for design made her a perfect fit to fill the gap.

Since the completion of her home, Kaylin has helped several clients through their interior design journeys and has become a permanent part of the Affinity Homes team. We want to ensure that every client has the support they need to build a home they’ll love for years.

Kaylin can translate a client’s individual needs and desires into an interior design concept that’s not only functional but also a testament to their identity. Her love for design is matched only by the joy she finds in the challenge—each project, with its distinctive style and ‘vibe,’ is a new adventure.

Behind the scenes, Kaylin enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also loves to travel anywhere warm and play golf.

"Kaylin was our interior design consultant while we built our new home. In a word, she was simply terrific.

"Since we were living in California while our home was being built, we had to make the most of our visits up here to view suggested appliances, lighting fixtures, flooring, cabinets, paint schemes, bathroom fixtures, and even some furniture. Kaylin prearranged meetings and had suggestions already picked out when we arrived and spent time with us while we met with each of the suppliers.

"And she always followed up with any questions or concerns we had. She even helped us with some finishing touches after we moved in; Kaylin has a keen eye for designs, color schemes, and utility. It was a pleasure working with her, and we highly recommend her."

– Tony & Sue Ridolfo

Our Mission

At Affinity Homes LLC, we believe that your home should reflect your life and dreams. With Kaylin Harris at the helm of your design, every step assures that your home will not just meet but exceed your deepest desires. Your vision, our expertise—together, we create more than houses; we create homes that embody the essence of luxury and the warmth of personal touch.

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