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Interior design is a vital component of building your new luxury home. Hiring an interior designer from the beginning of your design-build process ensures your home is an expression of your individuality and lifestyle.

Interior Design
Interior Design
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Working with an interior design professional is the best way to ensure the look and feel of your is cohesive. Since most designers are brought in during the home design phase, they can also ensure the framework is in place to incorporate all your design choices before your home is built.

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Interior designers for new construction home builders take homebuyers through the interior selection process. Designing typically starts by building a “mood” board for each room of the house. These mood boards are your blueprint to work from when it’s time to begin sourcing your selections. Once your design plan is in place, you and your designer will visit vendors to select everything from hard surfaces to unique statement pieces.

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Building your dream home is an exciting project and one of the most significant financial investments you’ll likely make. Working with a dedicated professional will help you stay within your budget while keeping the heart of your design at the forefront. When design choices need to change to keep finances on track, they’ll help you preserve the major details of your design so the overall vision for your home remains intact.

If you’d like to work with one of our recommended home designers, we will match you with the best person for your project.

featured Interior Designer Nicole Snell

Nicole Snell of Luxe Interior Studios is the designer behind the award-winning home “the Newcomer.” She explains her design strategies, concepts, and challenges to bring all the pieces together and complete this home during the height of the Pandemic.

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