Pacific Northwest Luxury Home Architecture

We are celebrating a return to simplified elegance in luxury home design for 2024. Today’s homeowners are gravitating toward spacious designs with classic exteriors. From the rustic charm of the modern mountain home to the sophisticated allure of European-inspired designs, this year’s trends invite us into a world of exquisite detail and timeless elegance.

Modern Mountain Hill Country

The Wickenburg exterior

For those who love the warmth of natural elements, this home design is the perfect blend of rugged beauty with sleek contemporary design. It’s a style that’s widely used for vacation homes or cabins, but it is a growing trend in luxury home design.

Inspired by mountain landscapes, this style of home blends rustic elements with modern home design. Natural materials, rugged textures, and ample natural light blend with the clean lines and understated luxury details of modern luxury homes. It’s a style that invites the outdoors in and creates a living space that’s both majestic and intimately connected to its surroundings.

See the Wickenburg Modern Mountain Hill Country.

Modern French Country

photo of Elysium Home front elevation by Affinity Homes

French country home designs are bold expressions of modern luxury. Brick facades, sloping gable rooflines, and arched doors and windows are all subtle details characteristic of this style. This classic design has been reimagined through a contemporary lens, combining traditional French country home features with the sophisticated aesthetics of today’s luxury home designs.

Inside these homes, you’ll see subtle details of traditional designs. Soft color palettes, natural textures, arched fixtures, and stone surfaces are incorporated into the modern interpretations of this home design, paying homage to its traditional style. French country home design offers a refined luxury home experience.

See the Elysium French Country Home.

Modern Prairie-style

Frank Lloyd Wright introduced the Prairie-style home to modern architecture. It’s a style that emerged in Chicago around the 1900s when he was working with a group of architects. Their goal was to create modern American architecture rooted in nature. According to Wright, Prairie homes are “married to the ground” and celebrate the vast, rolling Midwest landscapes.

When you look at a Prairie home, you can see how it would fit nicely against a vast landscape of panoramic views. One of its primary characteristics is its horizontal lines vs. traditional vertical lines. Shallow roof lines and rows of windows define this distinct Midwest architectural style.

Prairie home interiors continue the vertical, spacious exterior design. Spacious floor plans with clean vertical lines characterize these homes. You’ll typically find connected spaces weaved throughout the home, creating a seamless flow from room to room. Connected indoor-outdoor living spaces create an immersive connection with nature. It’s a simple yet refined luxury.

See the Pradera Prairie Home

Modern Italian

Affinity Homes | Award winning Luxury Home Design | The Juliette - Project

Italian architecture blends Mediterranean elements with modern luxury home design. It’s a romantic style with distinct details indicative of classic Italian architecture.

This style became popular in the U.S. in the 1830s,  evolving from its Italian roots to a modern version reflected in today’s architecture. The Architect Alexander Jackson Davis introduced the style that quickly gained in popularity before the Civil War. Since then, this home style has continued to be a popular choice for luxury home design.

Stucco exteriors, tall windows, balconies, wrought-iron embellishments,  and large double-door entries are essential elements defining Italian home architecture. Exterior details like balconies are integral to this home style, which is meant to enjoy sweeping landscapes.

As stately homes, this home design is meant to have large, open, flexible spaces for large gatherings or multiple uses. In essence, the open floor plan has been around for centuries.

See the Juliette Modern Italian Home

Pacific Northwest Home Styles

The Pacific Northwest has a distinct style of home architecture. It’s a style rooted in nature that blends with the natural environment. It’s not uncommon to see homes adorned with natural wood planks and floor-to-ceiling windows to flood homes with natural light and picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. Another choice for this style of home is reclaimed products like wood and brick woven into the facades of homes. A custom detail used to preserve natural resources. Here are some popular Pacific Northwest luxury home styles.

Pacific Northwest Modern

Affinity Homes | Luxury Home Builder Clark County, WA

The Monarca reflects a classic take on mid-century modern design. This home uses a classic butterfly roof concept suited for the region’s weather. This home has many of the defining features of Pacific Northwest architecture, like its ceilings with walls of windows to allow for abundant natural light. Inside the home, you’ll find the finishes and features you’d expect to see in a mid-century modern home design.

See the Monarca Contemporary Modern Home

Pacific Northwest Gable

Affinity Homes Project | The Newcomer

A classic of Northwest architecture is the Gable-style home. It’s a simple yet elegant design that provides superior architectural detail and is also a great choice for the area’s weather. True to form with Pacific Northwest Architecture, this modern home features natural wood finishes, abundant natural light, and beautiful covered outdoor living spaces.

See the Newcomer Pacific Northwest Gable Home

Pacific Northwest Farmhouse


American pioneers of the 1700s and 1800s created this classic home design. Primarily located in rural areas, these rectangular, single-floor homes were created to provide shelter. Classic versions of this home include wrap-around porches for relaxation and connection to the outdoors.

Pacific Northwest farmhouses contain the same key elements and rustic features as traditional farmhouses. Modern farmhouses have beautiful pitched roofs, plank siding, wood accents, and connected outdoor spaces. Inside, the great room, designed for functionality and family, will give you a wide-open feel. 

See the Ramsay Pacific Northwest Farmhouse

Affinity Homes mark

A Tapestry of Luxury and Elegance

For 2024, the trends in home design reflect a deep desire for spaces that are not only stunning but also deeply personal and connected to the natural world. From the rugged elegance of the hill country to the sophisticated charm of Italy, each style offers a unique pathway to creating a home that embodies timeless elegance. These designs invite us to step into a world where every detail creates a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Affinity Homes LLC is a reputable builder of high-end, luxury custom homes in Clark County. We offer our clients the option of building their unique custom homes on their own property or in one of our exclusive luxury home destinations.

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